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The attention factors of selecting conveyor roller correctly
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  In the design of belt conveyor, the selection of pulley is usually involved. The main standard for the selection of pulley is diameter. It is very beneficial for the use of conveyor belt to select the large-diameter reversing pulley. However, when the diameter of the drum increases, the quality of the drive drum, the reduction ratio of the drive gear reducer, the quality and size of the reducer need to be increased accordingly. Huzhou longhui machinery suggests that the following factors should be taken into account when selecting the diameter of the drum:


  (1) bending stress of the belt when the conveyor belt bypasses the drum;


  (2) the frequency of belt bending is related to the way of winding, the number of rollers bypassed, the distance and speed;


  (3) the maximum or average specific pressure between the conveyor belt and the roller surface;


  (4) the utilization ratio of the allowable strength of the conveyor belt, which is the percentage of the ratio of the maximum tension of the conveyor belt to the allowable tension of the belt;


  (5) installation location and use conditions of belt conveyor;


  (6) the amount of deformation of roller rubber coating and rubber coating;


  The principle of determining the drum diameter is that when the tensile stress of the conveyor belt is large, the additional bending stress should be smaller; on the contrary, when the tensile stress is small, the bending stress is allowed to be slightly larger, and the smaller drum diameter can be selected.