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Roller surface treatment method
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  The surface treatment method of the roller can be different according to the different environment and the different use occasions. Generally, the surface treatment methods of roller can be divided into the following:


  (1) galvanizing


  Galvanizing is applicable to light industry, instrument, electromechanical, agricultural machinery, national defense and other industrial equipment and facilities. It is the most common roller surface treatment method at present. It belongs to the real environmental protection galvanizing. Compared with the traditional oxidation galvanizing, it has the following characteristics:


  1. No highly toxic cyanide, easy to treat waste water


  2. The coating has fine crystal, good luster, and its dispersing and deep plating ability are close to that of cyanide solution, which is suitable for electroplating of parts with complex shapes


  3. The bath is stable and easy to operate


  4. No corrosion to equipment


  5. Low cost


  (2) chrome plating


  Decorative chromium is mainly used in automobiles, bicycles, daily hardware products, household appliances, instrument switches, mechanical parts and other equipment and facilities. The decorative chromium adopts the technology of nickel and nickel chromium to ensure the product quality. The surface is silvery white, the decorative chromium has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and good appearance decoration effect, and has a high reflection coefficient.


  (3) rubber coating treatment


  Rubber covered roller is a rubber product made by vulcanizing the rubber layer on the metal steel pipe. Compared with the ordinary drum, the rubber covered drum has the characteristics of elasticity, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance (NBR), temperature resistance and rust resistance; hard chromium is also known as wear-resistant chromium, which can increase the hardness of the surface, improve the wear resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. imported raw materials and adhesives are used, natural rubber and NBR are commonly used, with black, green and light gray as the push Recommend color.


  (4) hard chromium plating


  Hard chromium, also known as wear-resistant chromium, can increase the hardness of the surface, improve wear resistance, mild and corrosion resistance, etc. it is used in the treatment of mechanical mold, plastic mold, corrosion-resistant valve, printing, textile and paper roller and measuring tools, with silver white surface.