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Features of stamping bearing pedestal
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  1. Excellent anti-corrosion performance. Roll body and seal are made of polymer material, corrosion-resistant. In corrosive applications, the service life can be more than 5 times that of ordinary idler. The specification of polymer anti-corrosion idler includes 4 series of φ 89, φ 108, φ 133, φ 159 and more than 30 varieties. It can also manufacture non-standard idler accessories according to the requirements of users. There are two kinds of roller materials, MC nylon and polyamine grease. They are selected according to the characteristics of corrosive substances in the service environment.


  2. Wear resistant and long service life. The special polymer material for roller body is similar to bronze in mechanical properties, with good wear resistance and good self-lubricating performance, without damaging the belt.


  3. Reasonable structure and reliable sealing. The idler is equipped with two seals, with high manufacturing accuracy. The gap is coated with special grease, which can effectively prevent corrosive media such as dust, gas, liquid from entering the idler and damaging the bearing.


  4. Light weight and small rotation inertia. The special high polymer material for supporting roller is light in weight, and its specific gravity is one seventh of that of steel. The supporting roller accessories made of this material are about one half of that of ordinary supporting roller, with small rotation inertia and small friction between supporting roller and belt.